The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is the most weird and at the same time most interesting type of online quiz game where you can test yourself and answer complex questions. In fact, the game is called impossible not just to attract new players - the game is really very difficult and most people fail to answer correctly even several questions. Let me give you some useful tricks how to succeed in this game and how to better understand it.

The Impossible Quiz has 120 questions and all of them are very tricky. I can't say that they are difficult because of the high level of intelligence or something like this. Those questions are build in a funny manner so the user can mistakenly think that he knows the right answer. The key to success is to think outside the box. Most questions in this game have 4 possible answer and your mission is to click on the right answer to move on. If your answer is wrong, you lose one life. When you lose all your lives, you will have to start the game from the beginning. Keep in mind that there are several questions where the answer is hidden somewhere on the board or even hidden inside the question itself. My winning strategy is not to hurry up - even though that there are only several questions where time is limited, in all others you can take plenty of time to make the correct decision and pick the right answer. Don't take the results of the quiz too seriously - it is designed to make you fool. If you manage to complete the whole quiz you can all yourself a very smart person because it is nearly impossible to complete it without cheats. Enjoy the full version of the impossible quiz game for free.