Moto X3M

When someone asks me which game is best in category of extreme racing games, I always have the same answer - Moto X3M. Even though that the first version of the game was created long time ago, it is still one of the best moto racing game today and I will tell you why. The main reason of such popularity is the awesome gameplay and good physics. In this game, you don't have time to stop and think about overcoming another obstacle - you just hit the accelerator and getting ready to make another dangerous stunt to reach the finish line as fas as you can. In Moto X3M reaching finish quickly is very important if you want to get three stars and unlock new bikes. For a newbie player, completing race with 3 stars is nearly important because of lack of experience. When you progress, you can unlock new faster bikes and play previous levels to get the highest ranks.

There are several rules in this game that you must follow in order to achieve success. When you are on the track, you have to move as fast as possible and make stunts like backflip and frontflip. That's very important because every stunt gives you bonus -0.5 seconds to your time which can result in getting higher score. Another thing that you should keep in mind playing this game is that here you are driving bike at top speed and every mistake can cause your death. The levels are build in such way, that you are kept addicted to the game - they are getting more and more difficult but at the same time more interesting. In high levels you will have to make very difficult stunts if you want to keep yourself on the track. Moto X3M is the first edition of the game, there are a lot of new versions of the game available already so if you completed this chapter, just search for the second and third one. Enjoy the game for free at our website.