Fireboy And Watergirl

Fireboy And Watergirl was one of the first multiplayer games which appeared online and since that time, thousands of people played it every day and enjoyed the wonderful gameplay and awesome graphics. Since all flash games died in the end of 2020, the developers of Fireboy And Watergirl game series had two choices - either to forget about the game or make the new game series on new platform. Eventually, the developers decided to restart the game series of the legendary multiplayer game and today we have the very first edition of the HTML5 version of Fireboy And Watergirl.

Fireboy And Watergirl is a unique game not because it has multiplayer. It is unique because you can play the game in single mode but control two characters at the same time. That's pretty interesting and addictive. When you are playing the game in single player mode you control the fire boy and water girl which represent fire and water. Even though that you can't mix fire and water, you can try to make those two characters work as one team. The mission of the player is to help both character reach the doors with their signs in each level. Keep in mind that the doors won't open until both characters reach them so only working as one team can help you achieve success.

The first edition of the game is called Forest Temple and that's because our characters appear in forest and have to solve different puzzles to get out of it. The main objective is to collect all diamonds in each level and know the basic rules. As you might know, fireboy can't touch water, while watergirl will die if she touch fire. There are some dangers for both characters too. The game is becoming more and more complex as you progress and in higher levels you will deal with difficult puzzles like system of switches and bridges and others. Fireboy And Watergirl is one of those game that never get old, it is just getting better. Now you have opportunity to enjoy the full version of the game for free at our website.