Little Alchemy 1

Even though that the second version of Little Alchemy is already available for everyone worldwide, I enjoyed the fact that the developers decided not to take down the 1st edition of the legendary alchemy game. So, as a result you can now enjoy the first version of the game at our website and compare it to the second one which is also available at our website. Link to play the new version is here : Little Alchemy 2

Many people say that Little Alchemy is just a game to spend some spare time and have fun. I don't agree with this idea. As for me, Little Alchemy is an educational game which give you real knowledge of real things. The main mission of the player is to mix the four basic objects and create hundreds of new ones. The main objects are : Water,Fire,Ground and Air and I guess those objects can be used to create anything you want. The gameplay is very simple - on the drag-and-drop board, you can move objects, make them mix with each other and create new elements. All the elements which are hidden in this game are real - you will really get steam if you mix fire and water and so on. The game will be interesting for both kids and grown-ups. You can also download the Little Alchemy 1 to your smartphone and play it when you have spare time : there are no limits or levels in this game. It is just a game where you can make different alchemy experiemtns and feel like scientist. Enjoy