1v1 LoL

When we are speaking about the new generation of multiplayer games, 1v1 LoL is one of the best examples of the evolution of online games. When you play this game,you don't have feeling that you are playing online game - the graphics are so good that it looks like a really awesome video game. Today, you can enjoy the latest edition of the 1v1 LoL game for free at our website. Even though that the game was created a few years ago, the developers are constantly upgrading it to make even better and more addictive. As a result, today you can enjoy different game modes, awesome weapons and new maps. Let me tell you more about the basic rules of the game.

As you might know, 1v1.lol is a shooting game with multiplayer mode so your main mission is to kill enemies. When you start the game, you can choose the preferred game mode - play vs one enemy, play 2vs2 mode, 4vs4 mode or even battle royale. All of them are similar to each other and differ only by number of enemies. To achieve success, you can use different weapons including sniper rifle and shotgun. But there is one thing that makes this game unique when we compare it to other shooting games - building platforms. In fact, the idea of building platforms is not unique, Fortnite used it first yeas ago, but in my opinion it fits this game very much. You can build anything you want with several types of platforms but building and shooting enemies at the same time is a difficult task. Newbie players prefer not to build the platforms and thats the mistake. An experienced played can build various platforms to secure himself and at the same time make a good spot to attack enemies. Most of the players build defensive casles and use sniper rifle to kill enemies from them. There is limit on number of platforms you can use so the only limit is your imagination. Enjoy the full version of 1v1 Lol for free at our website.